Meeting November 2011

November 2011


 Meeting 18.11.11.

 Present: A. Klecha, C.Collins, A. Colins, M. Kennedy, L. Dartnell, K. Bacon, A. Clear, C. Barker, L. Roast, S. Maloney, B. Naish, & partner, C. Cheeseman, S. Cheeseman,

  1. Priest.


  1. Robertson, K. Walsh.


Matters arising:

Bonfire/BBQ was a success. Thanks to Alan and Keith for organising the event.

New 7 year council leases for sites will be finalised in the new year.

The web site has been re-vamped by Mark Kennedy. If anyone want anything added please e-mail or Andrew.  Web address is

Water meter is still leaking at Bull Meadow. The water board are trying to fix it. Meanwhile the invoice is being negotiated.


Rosedale Road Report:

There is a half a plot vacant, which is in the process of being re-let.

Rubbish is being dumped by the main entrance. Two kitchen cupboard and half a table. DO NOT PUT YOUR RUBBISH HERE, expecting some-one else to get rid of it.

There have been several instances of the gate being left open early in the morning Please lock the gate at all times. The new storeroom has been finished, thanks to Alan and Keith

No news on the strimmer that is in for repair. Alan to contact Dobsons. The generator has a faulty switch. Also we have had a complaint about bonfires. Be considerate to neighbours. Manure needed.


Bull Meadow Report

 More fruit has been STOLEN. Be vigilant and report anything suspicious to a committee member. No-one should be on another plot without the plot holder’s permission.


Treasurer’s Report:

 After paying Rosedale Road Water bill £534.98 and the peppercorn rent to the Council, balance  = £3511.51

Bull Meadow water bill has not been paid as it is in dispute. Donation to Tyrells Hall for use of hall to be discussed in January.

Please use water wisely to help us keep costs down – thank you.



 heila Cheeseman attended the County Body meeting at Chelmsford (thanks to Shelia for representing us) and obtained the following information:

Be aware that if you go for a cheaper insurance company, you may not have the cover that you need. They are also going to discuss sites fining members for late payment (which we already do) Also, apparently, we should be on agriculture water rates. Andrew will investigate. .  If you are interested in attending the next meeting, contact Sheila for details.

You have until 25th November to get your Kings Seed orders to Jane, 187 Rectory Road, please make cheques payable to Rosedale Road & Bull Meadow Allotment Association. Include £1 for postage.

NEXT MEETING WILL BE A CHRISTMAS QUIZ NIGHT : FRIDAY 9TH DECEMBER 8 P.M. bring 2 quiz questions each (pref. on agriculture) and some food. All welcome.


Veggie Talk:

Carrots need a free draining soil which is not heavily/newly manured. If soil is poor, add some fish blood and bone. To try avoid carrot fly sow between onions or leeks.

You can sow now: Peas for early cropping, Broad beans, garlic, overwintering onions.

Do not pinch tops off of kale as it will stop cropping.