Meeting September 2011

September 2011


 Meeting 16.9.11.

 Present: A. Collins, C. Collins, A. Klecha, C. Robertson, K. Walsh, L. Roast, S. Maloney, K. Bacon, G. Nicholson.

Apologies: C.Cheeseman, L. Dartnell.


Matters Arising:

School Fete raised a profit of £104.00 Many thanks to all who helped and to Luke & Lisa for bringing the chickens along.


Rosedale Road Report:

No manure, trying to obtain some. Sue Maloney thanked Alan, Keith and Andy for helping to move her shed to her new plot. WATER WILL BE TURNED OFF 1ST OCT.

Strimmer is in for repair.


Bull Meadow Report:

Two water leaks in the last three weeks. Thanks to Les and Alan Clear for repairs. No manure. WATER WILL BE TURNED OFF 1ST OCTOBER.


Treasurer’s report:

Balance £3194.18. Books audited by J. Priest. Thank you.

22 people still have to pay for plots. REMINDER: IF SUBS ARE NOT PAID BY AGM AT THE LATEST £10 WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR INVOICE. We should not have to chase you for your subs. You can pay Teasurer: 25 Maycroft Road.



Plot no. 32N Rosedale has been given up. To try to get rid of the  large amount of brambles, we will have a fire there on bonfire night. If you have any wood (not plastic or carpet) it can be added to this. We will make it a social event and you are welcome to attend, bring some food to cook on the bbq and a drink. Saturday 5th November fire will be lit at approx 5.30 and should burn for several hours.

A £2.00 petrol donation charge will be discussed at the AGM October14th.

The Council have drawn up new 7 year leases for allotment sites (previously it was renewed annually)


Mark Kennedy is going to re-vamp the website, the address is

If you have anything for inclusion on the site or any veggie questions you would like answered via the site, e-mail or Chris or Andrew and we will try to get an answer for you.


Veg Talk:

To try to avoid leek moth infestations try transplanting later in the year i.e. September, you may save the leek if you remove the maggot from the centre or try growing under cover or in raised beds. Derris dust can also be used.


Next meeting is the AGM Friday October 14th Tyrell’s Hall. 8 p.m.

Last chance to pay your subs without incurring a £10 fine.

Cabbage competition will be held on this night

Heaviest Cabbage and Finest Cabbage (with small stalk)