Meeting February 2010

February 2010


Meeting 12th February 2010-02-13


Present: A. Klecha, S. Cheeseman, C. Cheeseman, L. Dartnell, K. Bacon, A. Collins,

  1. Collins, A. Collins

Apologies: L. Roast, C. Pellerini, C. Robertson, K. Walsh.



Keith Bacon now has key to site shed and will share leasing of equipment with Alan Collins.

Rubbish has been cleared from the Rosedale Road Site, courtesy of the Council.  Please note that this was a “one off” and you are now responsible for clearing your own rubbish. Please do not put any more by the gate.  Thank you.

Netting is available to purchase £21.50 for a very large roll – contact Alan Collins.



New notice board on shed courtesy of Alan and Keith. Water pipe repaired. The brush cutter is not repairable. Alan is to try to find out we can get a brush cutter head for one of the existing machines cost est £70, if not it was agreed to purchase a new one cost est £180.00.  It was also agreed to purchase a Rotovator from a plot holder. (only used once) at a cost of £200.00. (These items will be covered by the sale of the shredder)

In view of this fact we will have to see if we have sufficient insurance cover.

Manure was delivered, but has now all gone. More is needed when available.

Unfortunately we did not get enough orders to enable us to purchase Gro-organic, however bags of 6x can be purchased from Chadwell Allotment Shop.



During Dec/Jan youths entered site and took wood from Les Dartnell’s plot to use for a bonfire.  Barbed wire has now been extended and the Site Manager will apply more anti-vandal paint.  Manure is needed.

Water leak at Bull Meadow has been fixed by the Water Board. This resulted in a bill for water to us of £676.05.  Fortunately the cost of the leakage was met by Luke Love (Thurrock Council) and they sent us a cheque for £574.00 which was very helpful as being private water users we do not get a leakage allowance. (Many thanks to Luke)

The pipe between the meter and the sump needs to be replaced.  Thurrock Council has stated that they will do this. Andrew has a new notice board to put up he is also trying to obtain funding for fencing at Bull Meadow but has not been lucky so far.


Treasurer;s Report:

Bank Balance 31.1.10 = £3,903.04

Raffle Raised £11.00.



Sheila Cheeseman attended meeting of Essex County Body last week, there was a talk on the history of vegetables. They need someone to represent the South East – any volunteers?

The next meeting of the Thurrock Steering Group is on Monday 15th February at Belmont Hall Grays 7p.m. Anybody can attend. When Andrew was at the last meeting it was suggested that we add a clause to our rules regarding “Conduct of Members” a copy of which will be posted on the board and this will be discussed at the A.G.M.

In one of the NSALG Magazines there was an article which states that any-one using the Society machinery should sign to say that they do so at their own risk. There should also be a record of who has used what and when.  Alan will purchase a duplicate book.

High House Purfleet Community Group are looking for volunteers to set up a kitchen garden.  Contact Andrew Klecha if interested.

WORK PARTY: BULL MEADOW – Sunday March 14th at 10 a.m.

WORK PARTY; ROSEDALE ROAD – Sunday March 21st 10 a.m.


Next meeting  Friday 12th March 8 p.m. Tyrrell’s Hall Club.