Water Bill

18th October 2020 – WATER BILL

The water bill for Rosedale Road water bill this year was £1,232.80.  Which is around £500 more than last year.

We are still waiting for the Bull Meadow water bill.

Most allotment sites in Thurrock do not allow hose pipes at all.

We know that this has been a dry, unusual year, but something has to be done to cut down on usage. Almost all of this year’s plot rental income has been spent on water.

As we see it, we have several options:

  1.  Change the taps to tanks/ball cocks so that only watering cans can be used.
  2.  Polytunnels to have netting over them to enable rainwater to penetrate.
  3.  Ban the use of hosepipes altogether.
  4. Put up the cost per rod to nearer Council fees which is around £100 per year.

If anyone else has any other ideas, please let us know as this amount is not sustainable.

This will be discussed either at a full meeting (depending on Covid rules) or a small committee meeting