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Veg Talk – June 2018

Veggie Talk – June 2018

Plant Christmas potatoes in late summer, seems no-one has had much success though. Seed potatoes are sprayed 20 times with anti blight chemicals.

WE HAVE HAD BLIGHT WARNINGS: SPRAY WITH BORDAUX MIX OR SIMILAR EVERY 3 WEEKS and  DO NOT water potatoes/tomatoes on the foliage as this encourages blight. Cut infected haulms of potatoes right down and leave for 2 weeks before harvesting.

Veg Talk – May 2018

Veggie Talk – May 2018

Andy K will be putting up info regarding blight on the notice-boards. Potatoes and tomatoes should not be watered on foliage as this encourages blight – please read it if you can. Chicken manure should be put into compost bin as it is strong and will burn plants.

Time to get planting, almost anything!

Veg Talk – January 2018

Veggie Talk – January 2018

Many plot holders lost onions/leeks last season due to Allium Minor beetle, only remedy is to burn/brown bin plants. Shallots can be planted now, some members are planting parsnips now and broad beans can be sown in pots under shelter to be planted out later.

Veg Talk – November 2017

Veggie Talk – November 2017

Sow Now: Garlic/Overwintering Onions/Broad Beans (in pots or in the ground)

Andrew will ask Martin from Smith’s if he would be willing to come to a meeting and give a talk on the nourishment of the soil. Seaweed spray is good for micro-nutrients.

Leeks attacked by Leek Moth, show signs of brown streaks. Sticky traps can be used to trap the moths, it also would help to grow leeks under cloches.