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Veg Talk – November 2017

Veggie Talk – November 2017

Sow Now: Garlic/Overwintering Onions/Broad Beans (in pots or in the ground)

Andrew will ask Martin from Smith’s if he would be willing to come to a meeting and give a talk on the nourishment of the soil. Seaweed spray is good for micro-nutrients.

Leeks attacked by Leek Moth, show signs of brown streaks. Sticky traps can be used to trap the moths, it also would help to grow leeks under cloches.

Veg talk – September 2016

Veggie talk: September 2016

Some broad bean varieties can be planted Sept-Oct.
Summer pruning of apple trees (mid July) by taking 1/3rd of branch makes them less palatable to aphids as they like newer growth – this also encourages more fruit buds.

White fly on brassicas: take off old leaves if black and mouldy – there is a translucent caterpillar that eats the eggs of whitefly.
A member recommended the yellow debris netting to protect plants as yellow attracts insects, and they get stuck on the netting.
Filbert nuts will be available to purchase at Smiths Open day – Andrew has picked 71lbs of them!

Potato Blight: Copper sulphate will control this – but it is not really organic.

Advice: if infected above ground parts are removed asap it will not spread down to tubers. Infected leaves can be composted as this process kills the infection. Blight is spread on the wind and also if you have left infected tubers in the ground. (If anyone knows a way to get out every single spud please let us know!)