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Meeting April 2022



D. Smith, M. Barnes, J. Bishop, C. Davison, A. Davison, C. Collins A. Collins, S. Simmonds, S. Cheeseman, C. Cheeseman, A. Osborn, C. Robertson, M. Watts, L. Dartnell.


G. Nicholson, S. Carter, T. Whibberley, K. Walsh, B. Childs, S & J. Beech.

Matters Arising:

Grow Organic has been delivered £6.50 per bag see Alan or Clive.

Rosedale Road Report:

Slight water leak has been fixed. Water has been turned on. Still waiting for manure. Alan has available (from Chadwell Shop) Seed potatoes, various varieties at £2.00 per bag (plus 1 bag free onion sets) Usual price £3.50 for the two. Water meter has been read by Water Company

Bull Meadow Report:

Shed roof blown completely off in the high winds. Plot holder to be notified. Slight leak on blue pipe needs to be checked. Water turned off for now. Padlocks have been put on taps.

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance £4,676.11 (Invoice for trees not yet received) Raffle raised £20.50 (well done Sheila/Clive)


Work on trees completed, some damage was done to slabs on Deans plot. It was agreed to pay £70 from association towards this. There are a lot of logs available to whoever wants them.



Chadwell Allotment Association Shop would be grateful for help Sunday 9.30 – 12.

Open day will be on Saturday 13th August 10 a.m. – noon. Spare produce to sell, home made cakes and help would be appreciated.

Monday 11th there is a TASG meeting at Belmont Hall, Parker Road at 7.p.m. There should be a council rep present. All welcome. Still waiting to hear about scaffold boards.

Next meeting 7.p.m. Tyrells Hall Friday May 13th All welcome.

Meeting March 2022



S. Cheeseman, C. Cheeseman, D. Smith, M. Barnes, A. Collins, C. Collins, C. Robertson, S. Simmons, J. Bishop, A. Davison, C. Davison, A. Klecha, J. Priest, A. Osborn.


Mr. & Mrs. Beech, B. Childs, K. Fisher, G Ashurst, L. Dartnell, W. McNicholas, A. Diaz.

Matters Arising:


Rosedale Road Report:

Many thanks to the members who turned up at the work party to keep your site in order. It is appreciated. Alan needs to phone John regarding manure. Trough has been secured. Main shed roof to be repaired after damage from high winds. The work on the two trees will take place this Thursday, please do not use the Boscombe car park and keep the roadway clear. Thank you

Thanks to Andrew for disposing of the rubbish. There are some logs in the Boscombe car park, please help yourself. Water will be turned on 1st April – please do NOT wash produce in the troughs. If you notice that mud is building up in any trough, feel free to scoop it out!

Bull Meadow Report:

Thanks to members who turned up at the work party to keep your site in order. It is appreciated. Brush cutter blade sharpened at a cost of £8. Thanks to Alan and Stuart for converting the tanks to self – filling. Two padlocks needed. Weed killer needed (Alan) Hopefully shed will be started in March.

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance £4616.11 after Gro-organic paid for. Tree removal to cost £1,400. Treasurer will be absent from next meeting and will send balance via email to committee.7


 We will try to sort out scaffold board delivery if possible. Chadwell Allotment Association shop is very short of help, if anyone has time especially on a Sunday 9 – 12 to help out, please let Alan know. They have a lot of different items in stock from seed potatoes, to compost to feed at good prices.  £1 to join for a year. BBQ for the Jubilee will take place on Friday 3rd June from 5 p.m. all welcome take something to cook and to drink. One plot on Rosedale is being halved ready to be let.

Next Meeting:

Friday 8th April 7.30 Tyrells Hall Club.

Meeting February 2022



D Smith, M. Barnes, K. Fisher, G. Ashurst, A. Collins, C. Collins, J. Bishop, C. Robertson, S. Cheeseman, C. Cheeseman, J. Priest, A. Klecha, P.Jay, M. Runeckles, A. Davison, C. Davison, S. Simmons, L. Dartnell, M. Watts.


K. Walsh.

Matters Arising:

Last years Canterbury Festival was cancelled 3 weeks before it was due to take place, best to wait before deciding on an outing. Gro-Organic has been ordered. There are no scaffold boards available until at least end of March.

Rosedale Road Report:

Alan contacted lady for manure, she is going go try to get a smaller lorry. Some tanks to be connected to water. It was agreed by a majority present to pay for the removal of a conifer, and the topping of a sycamore at a cost of £1,400. On the days this is being done there will be no access to the Boscombe end car park.  Chippings have been delivered to Boscombe end. The two IBCs in Boscombe end car park need to be checked for leaks. One of the new troughs need to be checked as it looks as though the pallets underneath are a little dodgy! WORK PARTY SATURDAY 26TH FEBRUARY 10 A.M. TO NOON. PLEASE COME AND HELP IF YOU CAN.  IT IS APPRECIATED

Bull Meadow Report:

Alan and Andrew have installed ball cocks into tanks. Just a few jobs to do to get them up and running. Couple of padlocks for tap locks needed. Woodchip and manure needed. Welcome back Les! WORK PARTY NEEDED FOR SUNDAY 20TH FEBRUARY 10 a.m. – NOON

Please come along if you can make it, many hands make light work.

Treasurer’s Report

Balance £4,998.79. Peppercorn rent has been paid to Council. Obviously cost of tree work to be taken off, also cost of Gro Organic when invoices received. Raffle raised £19 (Well done Clive and Sheila)


Clive R went along to the TASG meeting and informed us that the new leases will be discussed by the Council in 3 months’ time by the new Assett Team (short for land grabbers)

We will be having a Jubilee bonfire during the long weekend, date to be confirmed as Andrew cannot make the Saturday (possibly Friday??)


Meeting January 2022



G. Ashurst, K. Fisher, C. Robertson, B. Childs, A. Collins, C. Collins, S. Cheeseman. J. Priest, G. Nicholson, J. Bishop, P. Jay, M. Runeckles, A. Davison, C. Davison, S. Simmons, W. McNicholas, A. Beckett.


M. Barnes, K. Walsh, C. Cheeseman, L. Dartnell, D. Smith, S. Beech. T. Briggs (Tony is in hospital and we all wish him well)

Rosedale Road Report:

All of the water pipes have been replaced (A big well done and thank you to all who helped with this).

The channel which had to be dug will take a while to settle and will sink, if you see this, please take a barrow load of soil from your plot and fill it.

Pallets on spare plot by field to take, also crates in compost bin.

Chadwell Allotment Shop will be open this Sunday 16th 9.30 – 12 noon.

Manure: Alan will contact the lady who supplied the last lorry load.

Andrew will contact Paul regarding sycamore tree and pine tree for a quote.

Gro Organic will be ordered.

Andrew has agreed to remove rubbish from vacated plot, anything that can be used from here will be put on Boscombe end car park for members use. Date for work party to be confirmed at next meeting. Contact Tony Briggs for scaffold boards.

Greenhouse glass available from plot 31.

Bull Meadow Report:

Date to be arranged for work party at the next meeting. There is a new combination lock on gate. Wood chips needed. Contact Andrew if you want any scaffold boards. A storage shed is going to be built from these. Date to be arranged to convert tanks to self – fillers. Les hopes to be at the next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:

 Raffle raised £12.

Insurance paid £316.85. £800 paid for water pipes/fittings. Balance £4926.79 (Bearing in mind that this includes 11 x £50 refundable deposits) Peppercorn rent to be paid to Council.

Seed sundries ordered from Kings via Jayne should be delivered direct to you.


 It was agreed to bring the time of future meetings forward to 7.30.

 TASG Meeting : no news on leases as yet.

Quiz Night winners: P. Jay, M & P. Runeckles.  Wooden spoon winners: A & C Davison, S & J. Beech.

Outing for this year to be investigated.


Meeting – November 2021



B. Childs, A. Collins, C. Collins, K. Fisher, G. Ashurst, C. Robertson, G. Nicholson, S. Simmonds, J. Priest, A. Klecha, A. Davison, C. Davison.


S. Cheeseman, C. Cheeseman, K. Walsh, L. Dartnell.

Matters Arising:

Request has been made to welcome new members when attending meetings.

Clive and Bob have worked on a plot holder’s IBC (Many thanks) Now that the leaves have fallen, Andrew will get a quote regarding the coppicing of a sycamore and a conifer. Ten- ton lorry load of manure was delivered and was used within 2 weeks’ we are awaiting another delivery. Andrew will take a look at rubbish inherited by tenants of plot 31 in regard to removing it.

Rosedale Road Report:

Stuart and Alan have dug down to see if a pipe can be connected to allow only 1 tap to be turned on during winter for handwashing etc. Unfortunately, the iron pipe is so corroded it would be impossible to connect any other pipe. Stuart will ring the waterboard to ask them to visit the site and give a price for connecting a stop cock on site as a start.

Pallets are on site for anyone to take e.g., for compost bins.

Bull Meadow Report:

Apples have been stolen, and the gate was found to be left open at around midday – PLEASE BE SURE TO LOCK THE GATE AT ALL TIMES – as per your tenancy agreement. Ballcocks to be fitted to tanks to make them self-filling before April. One tenant moving from BM to RR site.

Treasurer’s Report: (Jayne’s first)

Both water bills have been paid: RR £432.05.  –   BM £67.51

All subs have been paid.  Commission earned from Kings Seed order through Jayne £66.61.

Balance : £6,026.56.


Another solar light will be purchased to go on shed above BBQ. Thanks to the people who attended this year’s bonfire night.

Chadwell Allotment site and Orsett Heath site have had break ins recently. Please be aware. Do not leave anything of value in sheds, some people do not lock them to avoid damage to doors.

Trophy presented to Chris Collins Best below ground 2021 (Carrot) and George Nicholson (tomatoes) & Pat Jay(aubergine) joint winners’ best above ground.  Bob Childs also received a trophy to keep (winner best above ground – cauli 2019)

The next meeting FRIDAY DECEMBER 10TH will be a Quiz Night if there is enough interest. Can you please email me if you will be there, so we know if it is worth going ahead.  (Teams of 4, you can bring friends or family) Bring some food

AGM – October 2011



G. Ashurst, K. Fisher, C. Robertson, S. Cheeseman, C. Cheeseman, J. Bishop, S. Simmons, G. Nicholson, C. Collins, A. Collins, A. Klecha, J. Priest, W. McNicholas, Mrs. McNicholas, S. Beech, Mrs. Beech, S. Carter, S. Klecha, P. Jay, M. Runeckles, E. Stevens, T. Whiberley, P. Williams, J. Williams.


L. Dartnell, K. Walsh, D. Smith

Matters Arising:


Rosedale Road Report:

Site in good order. Ten ton lorry of manure delivered. Last lot of scrap raised £60.30. There is a place at the back of one of the plots where intruders are getting in. Harris fencing will be put in place a.s.a.p.  No vacant plots. One plot holder’s IBC which is not yet fully set up is to be half filled (C.Robertson) If possible cover tanks with dark materials e.g. plastic to stop water turning green.

Bull Meadow report.

All ok. Tanks need to be converted to self- filling by spring. No vacant plots. Woodchip needed, manure on way.

Treasurer’s Report.

Bal: £6,102.63 (This includes £50 returnable deposits for new tenants, and £400 lottery money)

Bull Meadow Water invoice dispute has been resolved, waiting for new invoice for the last 2 years.

1 outstanding plot fee (Sheila will chase up)


8 on waiting list.

Water: This years’ invoice for Rosedale has gone down by 2/3rds, well done to all. No hoses to be used next year. During dry periods it will cost £3 to fill your tank if needed. Water will still be available from troughs. Get IBCs up and running to catch rainwater. Designated taps to be left open for hand washing/kettles.

Election of Committee:

Elaine Stevens (treasurer) will be moving out of the area, thanks for you work over the past 5 years Elaine. Jayne Priest has volunteered to take over.

In the absence of any committee nominations, the existing committee have agreed to carry on for one more year. Our thanks go to the site managers’ and their helpers. Anyone wishing to be involved, see Alan or Les.

Cost per rod:

It was agreed by a show of hand to raise cost per rod in October 2022 by 10p to £3.20 and £2.90 concessions.


Thurrock Allotment Steering Group meet at Belmont Hall. Next meeting 10th December 7 p.m. They are involved with the renewal of allotment leases which are due for renewal in 2022. Members from all 33 allotment sites in Thurrock are invited to be involved. Clive R and Andrew usually attend, but all are welcome. There are two Council run sites in Corringham where rents are £120 per plot. Bonfire Night will be Saturday 6th November, from 5.30. Bring something to cook on the BBQ and some drinks.


Welcome everyone to our 18th self managed Annual General meeting.

Let’s hope this is the beginning of the new normal.

This year has generally been a good growing season, with ample cloudbursts of rain along with just enough sunny days.

Unfortunately, warm and wet means potato and tomato blight, which I know many of you have suffered with.

Although the preventive spray Bordeaux mixture is now unavailable, Martin from Smith’s Garden Centre has advised me that their Vitax’s Copper mixture powder is an adequate substitute.

Our waiting list is proof of the popularity of growing your own for healthy eating, exercise and mental well being.

Please remember if at any stage of your tenancy you are struggling with your plot for whatever reason please contact Chris our secretary or your site manager. Please also be considerate to your fellow plot holders.

Back again in August, we opened up our Rosedale site for the popular NSALG open day. Although there were no homemade cakes, we managed to raise £131 and provide access to the site for visitors to enjoy.

The summer BBQ was also back this year, this time in August instead of June. As usual it was a very enjoyable afternoon with no rain involved! Thank you to everyone who supported these two events.

Next year will be our first year without use of hoses, and I would like to thank Alan, Clive and all others that have installed the new water dipping troughs and IBC’s. Along with regular work they maintain at Rosedale site. Together we can all use water more wisely and help to reduce our growing water bill.

At our Bull Meadow site, thanks again go to Alan Gorringe who has been helping me and Les Dartnell (while he recovers from a knee replacement operation) with site maintenance.

If any member would like to volunteer for any site works’ please contact the Site managers or any committee member.

Appreciative thanks once again go to our secretary Chris Collins, Treasurer Elaine Stevens who is moving on, hoping to soon start a new life adventure in Frinton, Auditor Craig Gibson, Membership secretary Sheila Cheeseman, Seed Secretary Jayne Priest, Mark Kennedy for the website, Dean Smith our social media guru & committee member Clive Cheeseman (who has also been busy again this year transforming the derelict half of the Bull Meadow site with his band of volunteers to a community garden).

Unfortunately, there is no most improved plot award this year.

 So we will move onto the fun side and start the Veg/fruit above & below ground Competition. Good luck to all entrants.

May your plots keep enriching your mind and bodies during the coming seasons.

Happy growing

Andrew Klecha (Chairman)

Meeting – September 2021



C. Cheeseman, S. Cheeseman, G. Nicholson, A. Davison , C. Davison, A. Osborn, K. Fisher, G. Ashurst, A. Klecha, T. Whiberley, E. Stevens, P. Jay and Mandy, W. McNicholas, A. Gorringe. R. Rivett.


C. Robertson, A. Collins, F. Mulumba, K. Walsh, L. Dartnell, B. Childs

Matters Arising:

Manure needed Boscombe end of Rosedale.

Rosedale Road Report:

Thank you for your co-operation with water usage, this time last year 760 units, this year 244 units estimated water bill £450.

Open day raised £131, thanks to all members for your donations and help on the day, also to the people who delivered the flyers.

The question was asked regarding a skip on site, Andrew said he would be willing to help Geoff and Kevin get rid of all the glass they inherited when they took over the plot. (If anyone does need a pane of glass see Geoff or Kevin. Please do not bring anything to the site that you just want to get rid of from home e.g. armchairs etc. It is only left to someone else to get rid of the items and makes the site look unsightly.

Due to the humid weather there has been a lot of blight, thank you for getting rid of infected vines.

G.Gallone has let us know that she is injured and will not be able to do as much on her plot at the moment. 

A work party will be needed at a later date to work on the tyre wall which has become very overgrown. Date tba.

Buddlea and bindweed at back of plot 7S obstructing construction of guttering on IBC, Bob and Clive have said they will help with this.

The price to have a laburnum and a conifer removed/cut down will be investigated, they are becoming dangerous (trees again!!!)

Water will be turned off 1st October.

Bull Meadow Report:

Les has finally had his knee operation, we wish him a speedy recovery.

Please note that it is the plot holders responsibility to keep the south side path free from weeds, however Alan Gorringe has kindly been doing this so would you please ensure that the path is FREE FROM OBSTACLES.

Water to be turned off October 1st.


12 on the waiting list.

Treasurer’s Report:

£4,994.63 balance, raffle raised £22 (well done Sheila & Clive)

Rents are coming in slowly, please ensure you return your signed slip at the back of your new tenancy agreement, so that we can give you your new invoice. If payment is not received by the AGM meeting 8th October, late payment will result in a £10 fine.

Bull Meadow water invoice dispute still not resolved.

Elaine will be moving out of the area shortly, we wish her luck and thank her for being our treasurer for the past 5 years. Jane Priest has offered to take on the job.

Water Usage on Site:

See Rosedale Road Report.


If anyone would like to put themselves forward for any of the committee positions, Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary or Committee member, please email Chris by 25th September. Also if anyone would like anything discussed at the AGM please email Chris as nothing other than items listed on the Agenda will be discussed.

IBCs should be set up before winter to catch the seasons rainwater. Put them on slabs and then pallets as otherwise they could rot or sink. S. Carter needs help to put her IBC into position.

We have received a letter from Brian Taylor of the TASG. Their next meeting is Friday 24th September, Belmont Hall, Parker Road at 7 p.m. (There are only 4 meeting per year) It is important that 2-3 members from each of the 26 allotment sites attend, especially as our leases are up for renewal in 2022 and Thurrock Council are looking for every available plot of land to build upon. They have a Facebook page : Thurrock Allotments Steering Group.

Rosedale Road has a web page  and a facebook page: Rosedale Road and Bull Meadow Allotment Association where you will find photos etc.

Thanks to all who attended the BBQ.

Bonfire Date to be confirmed at the AGM. Either Friday 5th or Saturday 6th

It was agreed to have our annual Veggie Competition at the AGM: 1-3 best above and 1-3 best below. Can last years winners please return the cups.

A lady on Facebook was asking if an allotment site would like free manure, I contacted her and hopefully we will have some delivered towards the end of September.


Meeting – June 2021


Present :

C. Robertson, C. Collins, D. Smith, K. Walsh, S. Walsh, C. Cheeseman, S. Cheeseman,  S. Carter, A. Turnbull, E. Stevens, A. Klecha, A. Davison, J. Guerrero, M. Kennedy.


T. Whiberley, A. Collins, L. Roast.

Matters Arising:

Thanks to all members for the reduced use of hosepipes and for only using them sparingly before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m. It was agreed to half fill IBCs from hose pipes if requested, see Clive R.  There are 3 spare IBCs available, please see Clive R or Alan. If anyone has any spare wood, pallets etc to help people who cannot put these in place it would be appreciated, also help to do this.

Please keep the south side path of your plot clear of weeds and obstacles e.g. hosepipes and wood etc., for the sake of safety of members. (The path nearest the field)

Rosedale Road Report:

Thanks to Alan and helpers in installing the troughs.

Manure needed. Andrew will chase this up and also look for other suppliers.

Tanks are working well after a few teething problems with hoses. All plots let.

Bull Meadow Report:

Manure on site, no woodchip, as Andrew has now retired, his ex-partner, Paul, will supply us as and when he can, our thanks to him. As there are only single taps on site, work to convert tanks on site will be done after water is turned off October 1st. Possibility of turning 1 tap into a double to enable hand washing. Jon Wakely has kindly agreed to help put up a storage place for tools etc. when he has the time.


13 names on the waiting list.

Treasurer’s Report:

£4,739.74 balance including approx. £490 left from lottery grant, which will go towards Bull Meadow trough alterations.

Still no water bill for Bull Meadow (going on for 2 years now – what kind of outfit are they running?)

Water Usage on Site:

Troughs seem to be doing their job at Rosedale, thanks to members for helping to reduce water bill.


We are hoping to arrange an open day on Saturday 14th of August, spare produce for the day will be appreciated to raise funds and awareness of the society. (Cakes/tea maybe sold depending on Covid and Boris) 10 a.m – 1 p.m.  Help will be appreciated.

We also hope to hold our summer BBQ on Friday 6th August, 5 p.m. till whenever          

New contracts are being printed for you to sign. Dean will be on site during August to enable you to sign them (dates will be given nearer the time) then invoices for 2021/22 will be sent.

Next Meeting Friday 10th September. To be confirmed where and when and if!

Meeting APRIL 2021



C. Cheeseman, S. Cheeseman, D. Smith, A. Klecha, C. Collins E. Stevens.

Sheila found a gold wedding ring in the Bull Meadow Area,

Clive Robertson has lots of tadpoles if anyone wants some for their pond

Notices to be put by troughs DO NOT WASH PRODUCE IN THE TROUGHS as this will cause them to fill with mud, please use a container.

Nine troughs have been put up at Rosedale Road, 2 tanks at Bull Meadow to be adapted with ball cocks. A work party to help will be needed at Bull Meadow, date to be arranged.

 There will be dedicated taps at either end of Rosedale for hand washing/drinking water only, not for hosepipes. Thank you for your co-operation. It was agreed that the cost for filling an IBC will be set at £3 (barrels price to be arranged, obviously lower cost) from October.

Andrew and Clive will speak to John Wakeley for advice in putting up a shed to keep rotavators

in at Bull Meadow. Andrew will take the broken rotavator to see if it can be mended. If it cannot, it was agreed that we purchase a second hand one when there is a shed to keep it in.

Our contingency fund needs to be around £4,000 in case of large water bills etc and unforeseen repair cost and purchase of any machines needed.

There is around £500 of the Lottery Grant left, a few more invoices to be paid from this.

New plots will be inspected after 6 weeks to make sure they are being worked, also if a tenant receives 3 letters regarding the non-cultivation or the state of their plot during one growing season i.e., March – October they will be evicted. Let us know if you have any difficulties before it gets to this please.

New agreements will be put in place in July/August incorporating the new water use rules, this will need to be signed before invoices for the plots are given out. Dean will be on site for a number of days in August to enable plot holders to sign. Dates to be arranged.

It was agreed that trees must preferably be no higher than 7 ft, however if trees or any other tall plant/growing frame is more than 12 ft tall and this causes a problem with neighbouring plots e.g., shade or spreading roots, a majority vote of the committee will decide on the action to be taken.

Thank you to Gareth for obtaining the IBCs and to John for picking them up for us. The next lot are for Rosedale Road, and thanks to you all for putting them on your plot to conserve water.

Thank you all for your co-operation.

AGM 2020

AGM 2020

Hi all,

We usually do not send these minutes out until before next years AGM, but times are very different now, and here are the AGM minutes. Six of us met last night (socially distancing of course)

AGM (following the rule of 6) – 09.10.2020.


E. Stevens, A. Klecha, S. Cheeseman, C. Cheeseman, A. Collins, C. Collins

Matters Arising:


Rosedale Road Report:

Site in good order. Scrap raised £87.60 for funds, thanks to Stuart for use of lorry. Sale of produce by Alan so far raised £31.05 for funds. Manure on order. Did any member pin a strange letter from a resident to the notice board? If so, could you give us further information please. Gro Organic on site for sale £6.50 per bag.

Bull Meadow Report:


Carpets dumped in middle of car park need to be moved ASAP. Letter to be sent to plot holder.

£20 raised for funds from sale of scaffold boards. Manure needed.


12 names on waiting list. (66 members registered)

Treasurer’s Report:

Books audited 31.8.2020. (Thanks to Craig Gibson) Balance at audit £4028.51.

Peppercorn rent paid to Council, Waiting for water bills.


Water is to be turned off 1st October as usual. PLEASE USE WATER WISELY, we are expecting a rather large bill, if this is the case we will have to investigate ways of saving on water use.

Election of Committee:

Dean Smith is now a Committee Member. As no nominations or volunteers were put forward for position of Chairman, Secretary, Membership Secretary or Treasurer, the present Committee agreed to carry on for another year.

Lorraine Roast resigned as a Committee member, thanks for your help as a Committee member during the past Lorraine.

Cost per Rod:

It was agreed by all present to raise the cost per rod from £2.60 (concessions) to £2.80 And from £2.90 to £3.10 from September 2021.  Membership charge will not be changed at the moment.

Plot 4N:

Is to be kept as a site plot for another year, to be reviewed at the next AGM.


This time of year I am usually welcoming you all to our AGM, sitting comfortably with drink in hand at the top room Tyrells Hall Club.

This unprecedented year find us unable to meet together due to the ongoing restrictions of the Coronavirus.

So, for our 17th self-managed AGM, the committee alone are gathered in our secretary’s house obeying the Rule of six.

I hope you all have come through unscathed by the virus and have enjoyed the freedom our allotments and gardens have given us through the pandemic.

As you will all be aware anybody who has been fortunate enough to have an allotment, has had access to fresh air, exercise and nature, with the added bonus of growing and eating their own fresh fruit and vegetables. Notwithstanding the mental health and wellbeing this all brings.

Our growing waiting list shows the true value of an allotment during these troubled times. Hopefully reiterating the long- term importance of sites for future generations.

Please remember if at any stage of your tenancy you are struggling with your plot for whatever reason please contact our secretary or your site manager. Please also be considerate to your fellow plot holders.

So, no summer BBQ, Open Day, Outing, Bonfire BBQ and highly unlikely the Christmas Quiz this year.

Never the less I would like to thank all those who have helped to keep our sites running.

At Rosedale Rd Site, Manager Alan Collins ably assisted by Clive Robertson, Tony Briggs and numerous other helpers.

A special mention for Alan who helped the Allotment shop in Chadwell distribute Composts and seeds during the Lockdown, along with supplying fresh eggs from Kent to any welcoming member.

Also, a special mention for Tony and Clive who revamped the pond at the Boscombe Rd end.

Les Dartnell with help from Alan Gorringe and myself have managed to keep the Bull Meadow Site ticking over,

A special mention also for Russell Cherry who added another pond to the site.

If any member would like to volunteer for any site works please contact the Site Managers or any committee member.

Speaking of which, appreciative thanks once again go to our Secretary Chris Collins, Treasurer Elaine Stevens & Auditor Craig Gibson, Membership secretary Sheila Cheeseman, Seed Secretary Jayne Priest, Mark Kennedy for the website, Dean Smith our social media guru & committee member Clive Cheeseman (who has also been busy this year transforming the derelict half of the Bull Meadow site with his band of volunteers).

Hopefully this time next year we can all once again enter our fruit & Veg in our AGM Above and Below ground competition. Along with welcoming back our most improved plot winner.

Something we all stand a chancing of winning this year, with all the extra time most of us had on our plots.

May your plots keep enriching your mind and bodies during the coming seasons.

Please take care.

Andrew Klecha (Chairman) 

– Note from Chris – Thanks to Andrew our Chairman too!