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Sheds / unworked plots

16th April 2022 – SHEDS / UNWORKED PLOTS

Hi all,

The shed at the field  of Rosedale was found with the lock broken off, so keep an eye on yours.

The site is looking good, but one or two plots do not appear to have had any work done on them, let us know if you are having difficulties because it is not fair to adjoining plot holders to allow your weeds to seed onto theirs. If you do not intend to work it, also please let us know.

Wood chip and Manure

15th April 2022 – WOOD CHIP and MANURE

Hi All

Clive R has asked me to inform all members that a large supply of woodchip has been delivered at the Boscombe Road end please help yourselves.

There is a stack of logs in front of the tyre wall, these are seasoning for future use on the summer and winter Association BBQ’s

Please do not give away.

If you would like a few for your own plot that is fine.

Manure is also now available at the Rosedale road end

Happy Easter



Help Needed

19th November 2021 – Help Needed

Hi all,

Alan and Stuart plus some others will be working on the water supply at Rosedale tomorrow morning (Sat 20th), if anyone can lend a hand it would be appreciated. This is for all our benefit.




4th June 2021 – Meeting

Hi all,

Weather permitting we are having a meeting on site at Rosedale Saturday 12th June 10.a.m. We are allowed 30 people.


Meeting and Magazine link

12th May 2021 – Meeting / Magazine Link

Here is the URL for the latest digital issue of the magazine, it is also situated in the members area of the website. We will be sending this link out in the second week of the month of issue every quarter from now on ie August, November, February and May.




20th April 2021 – IBCs

Hi all, we had 6 more IBC’s delivered to Rosedale today, thanks to Gareth and Jon, I have a waiting list for them, but seems a bit of a free for all when they arrive, if you would still like one, can you confirm with me so I can get my list up to date, thank you. I have emailed the first 4 on the list as 2 are already gone.

On List at the moment (Rosedale) P. Dann, D. Fish, E. Henry (just added)

Newsletter – April 2021


Dear Plot holder,

Just to let you all know what is going on as some people seem under the impression that hose pipes are banned this year, or that you have to ask someone to unlock a tap before you can use one.

We have put 9 water troughs in place at Rosedale Road – as you use the water they will automatically be refilled. DO NOT WASH PRODUCE/BOOTS IN THESE, USE A BUCKET PLEASE OR THEY WILL FILL WITH MUD.  These will be plumbed in ready for use very soon.  Many thanks to the people who turned up to help with this – you know who you are!

It seems that some of you did not receive he e-mail asking for help. I will have to make sure that you do in future! Many hands make socially distanced light work.

Hose pipes are not banned during this growing season 2021, and you will not have to ask a committee member to remove locks. THE LOCKS ON THE TAPS THAT FEED THE TROUGHS MUST NOT BE REMOVED. Some taps will remain open, a few have had to be blocked because of problems with feeds or access.

HOWEVER, HOSEPIPES MUST ONLY BE USED SPARINGLY BEFORE 10 A.M. AND AFTER 6 P.M as stated in your tenancy agreement. If you are found to be using hose pipes outside these hours you will receive a first warning letter.  Hopefully with your co-operation none will have to be sent.  Conservation of water is important in this day and age, and if we save on the water bills, we will be able to do more on site, e.g., maybe hire a skip from time to time for rubbish from the site.

This will give you one growing season to sort out water storage on your plot, and a winter to have them fill with rainwater.

 From October 2021 hosepipes will be banned, and taps either taken away or locked off. After this date a delegated person/s will fill up your IBC or barrels for a charge to be decided, probably £4-£5 for an IBC tank full.

This is a much fairer system.

Before the date that subs are due you will be sent a new agreement which will include any changes. When that agreement is signed and returned you will be sent your invoice for the year.

Chairman: Andrew Klecha – 01375 386452

Treasurer: Elaine Stevens -01375 380581

Secretary: Chris Collins – 078408 21758

Membership: Sheila Cheeseman – 01375 382679

Committee Members: Clive Cheeseman – 01375 382679                                     Dean Smith – 07708 949657