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25th January 2021 – FUNDING

Hi all,

Just to let you know that I have managed to get funding from the National Lottery to cover the cost of our water troughs, £1,550, when they are installed lots of help will be needed please



Terms And Conditions Update

4th January 2021 – Terms and Conditions Update

Dear all,

After the visit to Pym Place, it was decided to update our Tenancy agreement (it has not been done for over 20 years!)  to bring it into the 21st century.   You will eventually receive a hard copy which will need to be signed and kept by you.   There will be a slip attached that should be returned to the Committee, this can be handed to a site manager or a committee member asap.  Please note that all members will be expected to abide by the new agreement from January 2021.

Thank you for your co-operation and wishing you all a happy new year and a good growing season


Chris (on behalf of the committee)

Water Tanks

18th December 2020 – WATER TANKS

Hi all,

We had delivery of another 6 water tanks today, many thanks to Gareth, and to Jon for delivering for us.

I have not had enough responses from plot holders to be put on the list for one, you really ought to do this, as they will in all probablity be made compulsory in the near future to save on our massive water bill this year.  Also if you already have one and would like another please add your name to the list.

Either e-mail me, or phone  07840821758.

Thanks go to Angelo, Ben, Alan, Elaine and Elaine for their help in moving them today

Regards Chris Collins


17th November 2020 – BREAK INS

Hi Chris

I had a phone call from the police regarding the incident last week. They needed the names of all those who suffered damage to treat each as a separate incident. I have passed on those that I know, but could you send the following to all members please.



Dear all

The police have been in contact with me regarding the fires and damage to sheds last week. They have to treat each shed as a separate incident, so need to speak to anyone who had sheds burnt down or broken into. I have passed on the details of those of which I am aware, so you may well receive a phone call. 

So, if you suffered damge or loss and would like the information passed to the police, please email me at: 

I have passed on the following names:








Kind regards




16th November 2020 – BREAK INS

Hi all,

Alan has had his shed broken into, they tried to get in the back of it, you might want to check on yours and erect an electric fence



13th November 2020 – INSURANCE

Hi, all please find below information from our Treasurer regarding insurance:

I have spoken to the insurance company regarding the damage to sheds and loss of equipment from the incident on Wednesday evening. Unfortunately buildings, and individual equipment is not covered by the policy. Only equipment owned by the Association is covered. There may be the chance you can claim on your own house insurance, so may be worth checking.

Elaine Stevens


IBC Tanks

9th November 2020 – IBC Tanks

We have had an offer from a member who can get IBC tanks for us (free) maybe a delivery charge, in view of that fact that our water bill was absolutely huge this year, it might be a good way of conserving water in future, please let me know if you would like to be put on the list for a tank

Water Bill

18th October 2020 – WATER BILL

The water bill for Rosedale Road water bill this year was £1,232.80.  Which is around £500 more than last year.

We are still waiting for the Bull Meadow water bill.

Most allotment sites in Thurrock do not allow hose pipes at all.

We know that this has been a dry, unusual year, but something has to be done to cut down on usage. Almost all of this year’s plot rental income has been spent on water.

As we see it, we have several options:

  1.  Change the taps to tanks/ball cocks so that only watering cans can be used.
  2.  Polytunnels to have netting over them to enable rainwater to penetrate.
  3.  Ban the use of hosepipes altogether.
  4. Put up the cost per rod to nearer Council fees which is around £100 per year.

If anyone else has any other ideas, please let us know as this amount is not sustainable.

This will be discussed either at a full meeting (depending on Covid rules) or a small committee meeting