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20th April 2021 – IBCs

Hi all, we had 6 more IBC’s delivered to Rosedale today, thanks to Gareth and Jon, I have a waiting list for them, but seems a bit of a free for all when they arrive, if you would still like one, can you confirm with me so I can get my list up to date, thank you. I have emailed the first 4 on the list as 2 are already gone.

On List at the moment (Rosedale) P. Dann, D. Fish, E. Henry (just added)

Newsletter – April 2021


Dear Plot holder,

Just to let you all know what is going on as some people seem under the impression that hose pipes are banned this year, or that you have to ask someone to unlock a tap before you can use one.

We have put 9 water troughs in place at Rosedale Road – as you use the water they will automatically be refilled. DO NOT WASH PRODUCE/BOOTS IN THESE, USE A BUCKET PLEASE OR THEY WILL FILL WITH MUD.  These will be plumbed in ready for use very soon.  Many thanks to the people who turned up to help with this – you know who you are!

It seems that some of you did not receive he e-mail asking for help. I will have to make sure that you do in future! Many hands make socially distanced light work.

Hose pipes are not banned during this growing season 2021, and you will not have to ask a committee member to remove locks. THE LOCKS ON THE TAPS THAT FEED THE TROUGHS MUST NOT BE REMOVED. Some taps will remain open, a few have had to be blocked because of problems with feeds or access.

HOWEVER, HOSEPIPES MUST ONLY BE USED SPARINGLY BEFORE 10 A.M. AND AFTER 6 P.M as stated in your tenancy agreement. If you are found to be using hose pipes outside these hours you will receive a first warning letter.  Hopefully with your co-operation none will have to be sent.  Conservation of water is important in this day and age, and if we save on the water bills, we will be able to do more on site, e.g., maybe hire a skip from time to time for rubbish from the site.

This will give you one growing season to sort out water storage on your plot, and a winter to have them fill with rainwater.

 From October 2021 hosepipes will be banned, and taps either taken away or locked off. After this date a delegated person/s will fill up your IBC or barrels for a charge to be decided, probably £4-£5 for an IBC tank full.

This is a much fairer system.

Before the date that subs are due you will be sent a new agreement which will include any changes. When that agreement is signed and returned you will be sent your invoice for the year.

Chairman: Andrew Klecha – 01375 386452

Treasurer: Elaine Stevens -01375 380581

Secretary: Chris Collins – 078408 21758

Membership: Sheila Cheeseman – 01375 382679

Committee Members: Clive Cheeseman – 01375 382679                                     Dean Smith – 07708 949657


16th March 2021 – Troughs

Hi all,

There are 4 troughs at Rosedale that are now connected (tested) I know we cannot have a proper work party because of the covid rules, but we need another 4 installed, if anyone can give a socially distanced hand on Saturday 20th around 9.30 (depending on the weather) it would be appreciated. It would just involve levelling the ground and putting in 2 slabs, blocks and placing a pallet (already cut thanks to Clive R) it would be appreciated, if you would prefer to do this before Saturday, see Clive R or Alan for where they are to go.



p..s. When the are up and running if you need to wash produce, could you do it from a bucket and not in the trough as it will cause a build up of mud. Thanks again.

Newsletter – March 2021

7th March 2021 – NEWSLETTER MARCH 2021

HI all,

Just an update for you all, water troughs have been purchased, along with slabs, blocks and fittings, just 3 more to order.

It appears that some of you have your worries over this change. Most sites do not allow the use of hosepipes and haven’t done for some years – I guess we have been spoiled!

Just to let you know that not all taps will be taken away/locked this year, to allow for the filling by rainwater of the IBC tanks, which you can run a hosepipe from, and to bring this change in gradually, but the tap water should be used sparingly and only before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m. I re-iterate SPARINGLY. We cannot have another water bill of over £1,200. Not only about the money, but conserving water as we are all advised to do.

Please contact the committee if you feel that you will be unable to cope with these changes, perhaps for medical reasons and we will try to work with you. Please note the site managers cannot answer questions regarding this.

At a future date, there will be a small charge for re-filling your tanks, that way the members who use the most water pay the most – a fairer way of charging.

 If you have not returned your signed slip from the new agreements yet, can you please do so, return to Sheila, or Elaine. If you have lost them, Sheila will get another to you.

We are on a learning curve here, and changes can be made if and when problems arise, thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

We are arranging a work party this month for help in siting the tanks. DTBA probably on a Saturday morning.

We will arrange a meeting as soon as we are allowed even if it is on site.

Any problems, please contact a committee member.

I am including an article from another allotment site regarding water usage which makes interesting reading. This can be found in the ALLOTMENT TIPS section of our website

Now is the time to get your plot ready for planting, don’t forget inspections are on-going, if you are having problems please contact us to let us know before it becomes overgrown/unworkable.


Chris (on behalf of the committee)


17th February 2021 – Fires

Hi all,

Please do not put anymore branches etc for burning on the end plot as this is being cleared, if you need to, have a small fire on your own plot, taking neighbours and wind direction into consideration, also do not burn wet stuff, compost it, as this is what causes the smoke

Thank you


Scaffold Boards

25th January 2021 – SCAFFOLD BOARDS

Hi all,

Tony will be putting in  order for scaffold boards £1 each, cash on collection. If you are interested please let me know so that I can get a list together for him.

Regards Chris


25th January 2021 – FUNDING

Hi all,

Just to let you know that I have managed to get funding from the National Lottery to cover the cost of our water troughs, £1,550, when they are installed lots of help will be needed please



Terms And Conditions Update

4th January 2021 – Terms and Conditions Update

Dear all,

After the visit to Pym Place, it was decided to update our Tenancy agreement (it has not been done for over 20 years!)  to bring it into the 21st century.   You will eventually receive a hard copy which will need to be signed and kept by you.   There will be a slip attached that should be returned to the Committee, this can be handed to a site manager or a committee member asap.  Please note that all members will be expected to abide by the new agreement from January 2021.

Thank you for your co-operation and wishing you all a happy new year and a good growing season


Chris (on behalf of the committee)

Water Tanks

18th December 2020 – WATER TANKS

Hi all,

We had delivery of another 6 water tanks today, many thanks to Gareth, and to Jon for delivering for us.

I have not had enough responses from plot holders to be put on the list for one, you really ought to do this, as they will in all probablity be made compulsory in the near future to save on our massive water bill this year.  Also if you already have one and would like another please add your name to the list.

Either e-mail me, or phone  07840821758.

Thanks go to Angelo, Ben, Alan, Elaine and Elaine for their help in moving them today

Regards Chris Collins