Meeting May 2014

May 2014


 Meeting  09. 04.14


C.Collins, B. Rollings, P. Rollings, L. Dartnell, E. Caroll, E. Stevens, C. Robertson,

  1. Cheeseman, C. Cheeseman


  1. Roast, A. Collins, C. Barker, A. Klecha.


Matters  Arising:

Councillor Gledhill is going to let us know when he has news of conifers in cemetery being cut back. No news of conifers other side of site. A rotavator has been purchased. Keith is slowly improving. The Little Thurrock School visit is unlikely to take place owing to lack or parent volunteers.


Rosedale Road Report:

One plot holder has been evicted for non-cultivation. It has now been re-let. After the work party, a key to the site was found, along with another (possibly shed key) they are in Clive Robertson’s possession.  No Manure.


Bull Meadow Report.

All plots being worked. Manure on site.


Treasurer’s Report:

After the purchase of a rotavator, balance stands at £3,833.38.



PLOT INSPECTIONS WILL TAKE PLACE JUNE/JULY, date TBA. Please ensure your plot is being worked, and the south side path is clear. Thank you.

Our open day will be on Sunday 10th August. 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Any donations of plants/produce and home made cakes appreciated. Also volunteers for the morning.

Is anyone able to print flyers for us?

Possible outing during Sept/October – to be looked into.

Hotmail and Live e-mail addresses are being bounced back. If you have an alternative address let me know.


Veggie Talk. It is best to use fresh parsnip seed each year. Not to use last years seed.


MEETING ENDED AT 8.40 p.m. (a record)


Next Meeting Friday 13th June 8 p.m. Tyrells Hall. (last one until September)