Meeting January 2014

January 2014


 Meeting 10.01.14.


  1. Robertson, A. Klecha, C. Collins, K. Bacon, K. Walsh, G. Nicholson, C. Barker,
  2. Naish, S. Cheeseman, C. Cheeseman, L. Dartnell, J. Record, S. Maloney, L. Roast.

Apologies: A. Collins


Matters Arising:

Manure should start to be delivered from next week. He would like to go back to the old system of £20 per load.

Insurance company has paid out for our loss £1,140. Items will be replaced asap.


Rosedale Road Report:

Sheds and polytunnels damaged by the wind. No manure or chippings main gate end.

Waiting to hear from the Council regarding bar gate at main entrance.


Bull Meadow Report:

Thanks to Connor Watts for painting fence. No manure. Chain to be put onto padlock.


Treasurer’s Report:

Balance £4,899.14. This year’s insurance premium has been paid £277.00.

£50 is to be paid to Tyrells Hall for use of the room for our meetings.

Thanks to Sheila and Clive for running the raffle, and to Jayne for organizing the seed orders.  Raffle raised £16.50



Thanks to all who attended the quiz night. It was won by new members Dave & Elaine Stevens.  Photos have been uploaded onto the website.

We all wished Keith good luck and a speedy recovery for his operation. A report of our open day was printed in the NSALG magazine.

Chadwell Allotment Association opens on 19th January when the seed potatoes will be in.


Next Meeting  :Friday 14th February 8 p.m. Tyrells Hall. All members welcome.


Veggie Talk: Brussels should be staked/firmed so that the sprouts do not blow.