Meeting May 2016

May 2016


Meeting Friday 13th May 2016.



S. Carter, A. Collins, C, Collins, S. Cheeseman, D. Smith, C. Robertson, E. Stevens,

  1. Klecha,K. Walsh, L. Roast.


P. Jay, M. Jay, L. Dartnell, M. Barnes, B. Barnes, S. Maloney.


Matters Arising:

If there is no positive outcome from Andrew’s meeting with the people from Mosaic homes regarding the dangerous conifers, as advised by the legal team at NSALG a letter will be sent to Thurrock Council stating that we will be obtaining estimates for replacing fencing and sheds damaged by the conifers/landslides, strongly citing health and safety, also requesting a copy of the land deeds for the site. The owners of the electric substation need to be contacted regarding the conifers, as last year they refused to work there because of health and safety. Andrew recalled there being a previous dispute over the boundary quite a few years ago, this will also be mentioned. Also to be mentioned are trees cemetery side.


Rosedale Road Report:

Manure and chippings on site. Grass cut by Clive & Alan. Boscombe end garden needs work as the comfrey and nettles are growing through. Andrew will selectively spray, and we will obtain strong weed suppressant to cover whole area and then mulch heavily. This area must be made much less work intensive.


Bull Meadow Report:

Unworked plot has been given up and will be re-let. Manure on site, no chippings. Four more water signs need to be ordered (2 for Bull Meadow) as someone was seen using a hosepipe inappropriately.


Treasurer’s Report:

Approx water use Rosedale up to date £30.  Balance £3558.34.Raffle raised £10

Bags of 6X available to purchase £6  – see Clive or Alan.

Elaine Stevens will be taking over as Treasurer in the near future.



INSPECTIONS WILL BE CARRIED OUT WITHIN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS. Your plot should be kept clean, tidy and cultivated as per our agreement with the Council – NB you are responsible for the path on the south side of your plot. This will also be looked at.

Our open day will be Saturday August 13th. Donations of produce and homemade cakes will be appreciated. Money raised will go into our funds.

We are arranging a Summer BBQ I will send e-mail to confirm date.


Next Meeting 10th June 8 p.m. Tyrells Hall, (last one until September)


Veggie Talk: Harvest Rhubarb from now till 21st June. (not after this date to give plant time to recover). Raspberries: prune summer fruiting canes after fruiting, do not cut into new growth. Autumn fruiting: cut down to ground after fruiting. Garlic spray can be used to keep aphids away.