Meeting November 2012

November 2012


 Meeting 9th November 2012



  1. Naish, C. Barker, A. Collins, C. Collins, K. Craft. A. Craft, K. Bacon, L. Roast,
  2. Maloney, S. Cheeseman, C. Cheeseman, A. Klecha, K. Walsh.


A.Clear, C. Robertson.


Matters Arising:

Issue regarding anti-vandal paint/signs. It seems that there may be more of a problem with barbed wire than with anti-vandal paint with regards to the insurance company.

We will verify this when our insurance is due for renewal in January, and will ask them to confirm in writing to make matters clearer. Quotes should be obtained from more than one company. Also Clive Robertson(who works for solicitors) has someone investigating for him.

Conifer trees overhanging RR site from Medina Road should be cut back next Tuesday. The Council are arranging for an on-site inspection regarding trees cemetery side. A new fire brigade lock will be put on Bull Meadow gate as a temporary measure.


Rosedale Road Report:

No manure, no chippings. Apparently John will be beginning manure deliveries next week. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Front of new shed has been concreted to make it easier to get machinery in and out.

Letters were sent to 9 plot holders who are neglecting their plot. Four have work started on them. They will be watched to make sure they do not become overgrown again..

One has been given up. Termination letters will be sent to the 4 plot holders who have ignored the previous letters and done no work.A rebate will be given for the remainder of the year – when they return their keys and discount cards to the society.

The water board gave tap an extra turn as it has been running past during winter. They will come and turn it off in future to be sure it is completely shut.


Bull Meadow Report:

Water leak in pit has been fixed, also leak on the t-junction on old Council nursery site. A leakage allowance has been applied for. New water meter fitted. The Council have cut back the over-hanging trees from the nursery site.


Treasurer’s Report:

Subs income: £1,575. (1 not paid) Raffle raised £11.50  Balance £3714.27.



Christmas cards will be hand delivered where possible with a reminder about the Christmas Quiz.

Top end at Boscombe entrance needs to be sprayed. Work parties will be needed about February next year.

New Council leases are almost in place with a 10 year contract.

They have removed the part that requires risk assessment, but will send a letter to all societies suggesting that this is done. NSALG discount scheme is up and running, refer to letter sent out by e-mail earlier. Speak to Sheila or Chris if you require the password.

There are only a few bags of gro-organic left. £6 per bag.


Veggie Talk:

Plant: Broad Beans, Garlic, Spring Cabbage and over-wintering onions.



BRING SOME FOOD, 2 QUESTIONS (1 horticultural) and some friends if you wish – the more the merrier. Teams of 4