Meeting September 2014

September 2014


Meeting 12th September 2014.

Present: A. Klecha, C. Robinson, A. Collins, C. Collins, K. Bacon, L. Dartnell, T. Gudge, E.  Stevens, R. Rivett, J. Record, R. Freeman, A. Gudge, B. Rollings, K. Craft, A. Craft, L. Roast.

Apologies: S. Cheeseman, C. Cheeseman, K. Walsh.


Matters Arising:

Conifer tree has not been removed they removed a sycamore. Andrew is chasing this up.

Trip to Canterbury 27th September will leave the Oaks at 9.30 a.m. all tickets sold.

Notices are to be obtained stating that manure is used at your own risk.


Rosedale Road Report:

 No Manure.

We have received many complaints regarding the overgrown state of some plots.

 In view of this, there will be an inspection carried out, and if there is not significant improvement within 2 weeks, you risk having any money paid returned to you and eviction.

There is no excuse for this as your agreement/rules/constitution all state that plots should be worked and kept weed free. It is not acceptable just to work your plot at inspection time. Complaints regarding plots will be investigated.

Boscombe end gate was found to be left open, please ensure gates are locked at all times.


Bull Meadow Report:

No manure. The gate was left open, if you have difficulty in shutting it, please phone Les and he will come down and make sure it is closed.

A resident at Lawns Crescent has written to the Council to complain about a plot holder throwing rubbish over onto the pathway. Les will have a word with him about this. If it still goes on, he will be written to.

The Council have cleared the steps. Thanks go to them.

The trees growing on one plot need to be cut down. Trees should not be planted on the plot that will take more than 12 months to mature.  A letter will be sent requesting this.

HOSES MUST BE KEPT OFF OF SHARED PATHWAYS. IT IS HAZERDOUS TO LEAVE THEM THERE. One plot holder has already tripped up on a hose.


Treasurer’s Report

 The open day was a success and raised £151 for funds. Many thanks to all who contributed to make the day a success.

Balance stands at : £4069.90



There are a few vacant plots on the Orsett Heath site. If anyone knows anyone who maybe

interested, please contact Les.

SUBS SHOULD BE PAID BY THE AGM AT THE LATEST. WE DO NOT AND SHOULD NOT HAVE TO CHASE YOU FOR PAYMENT. If you have not paid by this time, it will be presumed that you no longer require your plot.

It was agreed to purchase 3 more locks for the shed at Rosedale.


The Police are to be contacted to see if we can get another security marking kit for the new machinery.

If you have blight on your plot please cut off leaves or dig up plant and dispose of these sensibly, do not put them into your compost.


Veggie Talk

Clubroot on brassicas. If you have this, do not grow brassicas on the same site every year.

Comfrey leaves around the base of a plant make good fertiliser.

Gro-Organic still available £6 per bag. See Alan, Keith or Clive when on site.


Next meeting is the AGM Friday 10th October.


If you have anything that you wish to raise at the AGM, please e-mail Chris and it will be added to the agenda. At an AGM only items listed may be discussed.

Please bring along your (1) heaviest parsnip and (1) finest parsnip.