Meeting September 2016

September 2016




  1. Collins, K. Craft, A. Craft, M. Barnes, D. Smith, G. Nicholson, S. Cheeseman, K. Fisher,
  2. Ashurst, L. Dartnell, M. Watts, C. Watts, R. Rivett, J. Record, A. Klecha, S. Klecha,
  3. Walsh, B. Naish, E. Stevens, P. Bond. C.Cheeseman.


  1. Roast, A. Collins, P. Jay, M. Jay, C. Robertson, S. Maloney.


Matters Arising:

No reply from Council regarding conifers. Andrew to speak to Mosaic Homes regarding same.  Complaint received regarding large walnut tree back of a plot – Andrew will look at this.

Well done to the hardy souls who turned up for the BBQ despite the rain!

£108.30 was raised at our first Smiths open day. £170 was raised at our open day – well done and many thanks to all involved and for the donations of produce etc.

Next Smiths open day is on Sunday 18th Sept. 9 a.m. to 1 –ish. Donations of produce etc appreciated they may be taken to Bev- 36 Grangewood Avenue, left on her plot at Rosedale (No. 29) , with Andrew or taken to Smiths on the day.

We have already had a donation of preserves from K. Fisher – many thanks.


Rosedale Road Report:

Report of youths getting into site via cemetery wall by Alan’s plot – may apply anti vandal paint. Weeds at Boscombe end more under control, thanks to spraying. Manure needed.

Letter to be sent to a plot holder regarding neglected plot.


Bull Meadow Report:

Mower not working, Les will look at it again.

  1. The bin by the gate is NOT for carpet tiles etc. but for empty slug pellet tins etc. Please take other rubbish home as Andrew ends up taking YOUR rubbish away. Manure ordered. A tree that fell on site has been cleared by the Council.


Treasurer’s Report:

Bank Bal: £3853.77   Petty Cash in hand £106.77   (Subs to come in)

Books have been audited thanks to J. Priest.

Expected water bill approx £500 (This is down £200 from last year) Thanks to members for their co-operation.



There are 4 seat available for the trip to Canterbury Food Festival on Saturday 24th September Leave the Oaks at 9.30 and returning at 4.30 from the Festival – Cost £14. Contact Chris if interested.

C.Robertson and T. Briggs attended ATA meeting most sites are full, but with reduced waiting lists. Also it was reported that badgers are eating sweetcorn  – good thing we haven’t got any badgers then!



Veggie talk

Some broad bean varieties can be planted Sept-Oct.

Summer pruning of apple trees (mid July) by taking 1/3rd of branch makes them less palatable to aphids as they like newer growth – this also encourages more fruit buds.

White fly on brassicas: take off old leaves if black and mouldy – there is a translucent caterpillar that eats the eggs of whitefly.

A member recommended the yellow debris netting to protect plants as yellow attracts insects, and they get stuck on the netting.

Filbert nuts will be available to purchase at Smiths Open day  – Andrew has picked 71lbs of them!

Potato Blight: Copper sulphate will control this – but it is not really organic.

Advice: if infected above ground parts are removed asap it will not spread down to tubers. Infected leaves can be composted as this process kills the infection. Blight is spread on the wind and also if you have left infected tubers in the ground. (If anyone knows a way to get out every single spud please let us know!)


NEXT MEETING AGM Friday October 14th 8 p.m. Tyrells Hall.

VEG COMPETITION AT AGM – 3 finest garlic and 1 heaviest.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL SUBS MUST BE PAID BY/AT THE AGM – We should NOT have to chase you for payment.  You risk losing your plot.