Meeting – September 2021



C. Cheeseman, S. Cheeseman, G. Nicholson, A. Davison , C. Davison, A. Osborn, K. Fisher, G. Ashurst, A. Klecha, T. Whiberley, E. Stevens, P. Jay and Mandy, W. McNicholas, A. Gorringe. R. Rivett.


C. Robertson, A. Collins, F. Mulumba, K. Walsh, L. Dartnell, B. Childs

Matters Arising:

Manure needed Boscombe end of Rosedale.

Rosedale Road Report:

Thank you for your co-operation with water usage, this time last year 760 units, this year 244 units estimated water bill £450.

Open day raised £131, thanks to all members for your donations and help on the day, also to the people who delivered the flyers.

The question was asked regarding a skip on site, Andrew said he would be willing to help Geoff and Kevin get rid of all the glass they inherited when they took over the plot. (If anyone does need a pane of glass see Geoff or Kevin. Please do not bring anything to the site that you just want to get rid of from home e.g. armchairs etc. It is only left to someone else to get rid of the items and makes the site look unsightly.

Due to the humid weather there has been a lot of blight, thank you for getting rid of infected vines.

G.Gallone has let us know that she is injured and will not be able to do as much on her plot at the moment. 

A work party will be needed at a later date to work on the tyre wall which has become very overgrown. Date tba.

Buddlea and bindweed at back of plot 7S obstructing construction of guttering on IBC, Bob and Clive have said they will help with this.

The price to have a laburnum and a conifer removed/cut down will be investigated, they are becoming dangerous (trees again!!!)

Water will be turned off 1st October.

Bull Meadow Report:

Les has finally had his knee operation, we wish him a speedy recovery.

Please note that it is the plot holders responsibility to keep the south side path free from weeds, however Alan Gorringe has kindly been doing this so would you please ensure that the path is FREE FROM OBSTACLES.

Water to be turned off October 1st.


12 on the waiting list.

Treasurer’s Report:

£4,994.63 balance, raffle raised £22 (well done Sheila & Clive)

Rents are coming in slowly, please ensure you return your signed slip at the back of your new tenancy agreement, so that we can give you your new invoice. If payment is not received by the AGM meeting 8th October, late payment will result in a £10 fine.

Bull Meadow water invoice dispute still not resolved.

Elaine will be moving out of the area shortly, we wish her luck and thank her for being our treasurer for the past 5 years. Jane Priest has offered to take on the job.

Water Usage on Site:

See Rosedale Road Report.


If anyone would like to put themselves forward for any of the committee positions, Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary or Committee member, please email Chris by 25th September. Also if anyone would like anything discussed at the AGM please email Chris as nothing other than items listed on the Agenda will be discussed.

IBCs should be set up before winter to catch the seasons rainwater. Put them on slabs and then pallets as otherwise they could rot or sink. S. Carter needs help to put her IBC into position.

We have received a letter from Brian Taylor of the TASG. Their next meeting is Friday 24th September, Belmont Hall, Parker Road at 7 p.m. (There are only 4 meeting per year) It is important that 2-3 members from each of the 26 allotment sites attend, especially as our leases are up for renewal in 2022 and Thurrock Council are looking for every available plot of land to build upon. They have a Facebook page : Thurrock Allotments Steering Group.

Rosedale Road has a web page  and a facebook page: Rosedale Road and Bull Meadow Allotment Association where you will find photos etc.

Thanks to all who attended the BBQ.

Bonfire Date to be confirmed at the AGM. Either Friday 5th or Saturday 6th

It was agreed to have our annual Veggie Competition at the AGM: 1-3 best above and 1-3 best below. Can last years winners please return the cups.

A lady on Facebook was asking if an allotment site would like free manure, I contacted her and hopefully we will have some delivered towards the end of September.