Meeting – November 2021



B. Childs, A. Collins, C. Collins, K. Fisher, G. Ashurst, C. Robertson, G. Nicholson, S. Simmonds, J. Priest, A. Klecha, A. Davison, C. Davison.


S. Cheeseman, C. Cheeseman, K. Walsh, L. Dartnell.

Matters Arising:

Request has been made to welcome new members when attending meetings.

Clive and Bob have worked on a plot holder’s IBC (Many thanks) Now that the leaves have fallen, Andrew will get a quote regarding the coppicing of a sycamore and a conifer. Ten- ton lorry load of manure was delivered and was used within 2 weeks’ we are awaiting another delivery. Andrew will take a look at rubbish inherited by tenants of plot 31 in regard to removing it.

Rosedale Road Report:

Stuart and Alan have dug down to see if a pipe can be connected to allow only 1 tap to be turned on during winter for handwashing etc. Unfortunately, the iron pipe is so corroded it would be impossible to connect any other pipe. Stuart will ring the waterboard to ask them to visit the site and give a price for connecting a stop cock on site as a start.

Pallets are on site for anyone to take e.g., for compost bins.

Bull Meadow Report:

Apples have been stolen, and the gate was found to be left open at around midday – PLEASE BE SURE TO LOCK THE GATE AT ALL TIMES – as per your tenancy agreement. Ballcocks to be fitted to tanks to make them self-filling before April. One tenant moving from BM to RR site.

Treasurer’s Report: (Jayne’s first)

Both water bills have been paid: RR £432.05.  –   BM £67.51

All subs have been paid.  Commission earned from Kings Seed order through Jayne £66.61.

Balance : £6,026.56.


Another solar light will be purchased to go on shed above BBQ. Thanks to the people who attended this year’s bonfire night.

Chadwell Allotment site and Orsett Heath site have had break ins recently. Please be aware. Do not leave anything of value in sheds, some people do not lock them to avoid damage to doors.

Trophy presented to Chris Collins Best below ground 2021 (Carrot) and George Nicholson (tomatoes) & Pat Jay(aubergine) joint winners’ best above ground.  Bob Childs also received a trophy to keep (winner best above ground – cauli 2019)

The next meeting FRIDAY DECEMBER 10TH will be a Quiz Night if there is enough interest. Can you please email me if you will be there, so we know if it is worth going ahead.  (Teams of 4, you can bring friends or family) Bring some food