Meeting January 2022



G. Ashurst, K. Fisher, C. Robertson, B. Childs, A. Collins, C. Collins, S. Cheeseman. J. Priest, G. Nicholson, J. Bishop, P. Jay, M. Runeckles, A. Davison, C. Davison, S. Simmons, W. McNicholas, A. Beckett.


M. Barnes, K. Walsh, C. Cheeseman, L. Dartnell, D. Smith, S. Beech. T. Briggs (Tony is in hospital and we all wish him well)

Rosedale Road Report:

All of the water pipes have been replaced (A big well done and thank you to all who helped with this).

The channel which had to be dug will take a while to settle and will sink, if you see this, please take a barrow load of soil from your plot and fill it.

Pallets on spare plot by field to take, also crates in compost bin.

Chadwell Allotment Shop will be open this Sunday 16th 9.30 – 12 noon.

Manure: Alan will contact the lady who supplied the last lorry load.

Andrew will contact Paul regarding sycamore tree and pine tree for a quote.

Gro Organic will be ordered.

Andrew has agreed to remove rubbish from vacated plot, anything that can be used from here will be put on Boscombe end car park for members use. Date for work party to be confirmed at next meeting. Contact Tony Briggs for scaffold boards.

Greenhouse glass available from plot 31.

Bull Meadow Report:

Date to be arranged for work party at the next meeting. There is a new combination lock on gate. Wood chips needed. Contact Andrew if you want any scaffold boards. A storage shed is going to be built from these. Date to be arranged to convert tanks to self – fillers. Les hopes to be at the next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:

 Raffle raised £12.

Insurance paid £316.85. £800 paid for water pipes/fittings. Balance £4926.79 (Bearing in mind that this includes 11 x £50 refundable deposits) Peppercorn rent to be paid to Council.

Seed sundries ordered from Kings via Jayne should be delivered direct to you.


 It was agreed to bring the time of future meetings forward to 7.30.

 TASG Meeting : no news on leases as yet.

Quiz Night winners: P. Jay, M & P. Runeckles.  Wooden spoon winners: A & C Davison, S & J. Beech.

Outing for this year to be investigated.