Meeting February 2009

February 2009


 Meeting Friday 13th February 2009.

Present: C. Robinson, C. Collins, A. Collins, C. Pellerini, L. Roast, S. Maloney, J. Alexander, R. Rivett, K. Walsh, J. Lane.

Apologies: A. Klecha, C. Cheeseman.


Matters Arising:

Gro-organic has been delivered,  surplus has been stored in the shed. There are still a few bags available to purchase.  Contact the site manager.

Notice boards are in the shed.

  1. Pickett has given up his plot and gone back on the waiting list. This plot has been re-let.


Rosedale Road Report:

Anti-vandal paint has been applies on the main gates at Rosedale Road.  The bin which was to store the rock salt has disappeared. There are 6 names on the waiting list.


Bull Meadow Report:

Work party took place on the 1st February (just managed to beat the snow). Many thanks go to the volunteers who turned up, and to the supplier of hot drinks.


Treasurer’s Report:

Balance £3323.67.  Several recent expenses – Insurance £250.00 Secretary received £20 towards costs of printer cartridge, paper etc.  Raffle raised £7.50.



It was agreed that R.Rivett would cut down the trees on between his plot and plot 28E, and that a very tall tree on D.Beerling’s plot would be removed by A.Klecha at a cost of £225.00. PLEASE DO NOT PLANT TREES ON SITE UNLESS THEY ARE DWARF STOCK.


An application has been made for a grant of £4,870.00 to Grass Roots to have steps put into the Boscombe Road entrance at RR Site. (on safety grounds) Funding is available for this financial year, to be spent by the 31st March. In view of the short time scale, there was not time to wait for a meeting to discuss this (although it has been talked about many times before at previous meetings).  There was no objection made to this.


Anti climb paint needs to be applied at Boscombe Road entrance hopefully after the work has been carried out. This could be done by a work party.


As we were turned down by the Lottery Funding grant on the grounds that the community must be more involved, the possibility was raised of involving schools or other organisations.  This could be further discussed at a later date.

Contracts have to be given to new plot holders who have shown that they are working their plot. (Please see the site manager)  It appears that 2 of these plots have hardly been touched.  Clive Robertson will ring them to see if they are still wanted.


Apologies came from Christine Pellerini regarding the Kings Seeds Orders. £1.00 postage was underlined.  This is incorrect and should be £1.75 for orders under £30. Over £30 is postage free (unless peas & beans etc. are included in which case postage is £5.00). Please read the form.


The next meeting of the Thurrock Steering Group is on Monday 16th Feb 7p.m. at the Belmont Hall, Parker Road Grays. Anyone can attend.

The allotment site at Pimm’s Place is to be re-opened with people on the waiting lists having first choice.  There is also a chance of the unused part of the Bull Meadow site being re-opened.


There was a suggestion that at each meeting there was a 20 minute slot for questions, or for some-one to speak about gardening.


Meeting finished at 9.15 p.m.


Next meeting:  Friday 13th March, 8 p.m. Tyrrells Hall Club.


All members are welcome to attend.