Meeting March 2009

March 2009

 Meeting Friday March 13th 2009


C.Robertson, A. Klecha, K. Bacon, L. Dartnell, J. Priest, G. Nicholson, C. Cheeseman, S. Cheeseman, R., Burkey, L. Roast, M.Roast, S. Maloney, K. Walsh,

  1. Collins, C. Collins, J. Alexander, C. Pellerini, H. Jopson, G. Jopson, H. Turnidge, J. Turnidge, D. Noon, D. Noon.



  1. Philby, R. Philby, J. Lane.


Matters Arising:

We have been successful in obtaining a grant of £4,870 from Grassroots to have steps put in at the Boscombe entrance at Rosedale Road.  Work has started and should be completed before the end of the month.

C.Robertson is to make a phone call to a plot holder who is not cultivating his plot.  All Gro-organic ordered has been collected.  There are still some bags available to purchase.

The tree on D. Beerling’s plot has been removed.

The idea to have a speaker at time was raised. A. Klecha and J. Aledander will look into the possibility.


Rosedale Road Report:

A work party will be needed to re-do the tyre wall at the Boscombe Road. This has been arranged for Friday 2oth March 10.a.m. Any help would be welcomed.

All machinery in the shed is running. Any plot holder wanting to borrow strimmer/rotavator should contact the site manager. His phone number is on the notice board.  Two tyres on the wood chipper were flat and have been repaired at a cost of £15.  As this machinery is not used there were no objections raised to selling it.  Richard Rivett is to investigate prices on e-bay, and sell it there.  There are 7 names on the waiting list.


Bull Meadow Report:

Manure needed. Barbed wire and anti vandal paint in place.


Treasurer’s Report:

Balance: £7,968.52 (This includes the Grassroots Grant income).



Bonfires: Please be sensible. Do not light when the wind is blowing towards neighbouring houses. There is a print-out on the notice board of Thurrock Council’s guidelines regarding this. Please read it.

L.Roast attended the last meeting the the Thurrock Steering Group. There is still a possibility of the rest of Bull Meadow being turned into allotments, but at the moment the man concentration is on the Pimm’s Place Site.

If any plot holder wishes to enter the Thurrock in Bloom (Best allotment site/plot) details will be posted on the notice board.

The vegetable competition this year will be for:

  1. The heaviest onion. (Leave small amount of root on)
  2. Set of 3 matching onions (any type) Leave small amount of root on

Judging will take place at the A.G.M. on Friday 9th October.



 There will be an inspection of plots during June.  Any plot holder not cultivating their plot will be given 28 days to comply or risk losing half/all of their plot.

This is to ensure that no plot holder has an overgrown allotment next door to them.

Many thanks to all who attended this meeting.

As the date of the next meeting falls on Good Friday, this has been cancelled.

The next meeting will be at 8 p.m.  Friday 8th May at Tyrrell’s Hall Club.

All member welcome.