Meeting April 2015

April 2015



Meeting: 10.04.15.


Present: L. Dartnell, A. Collins, C. Collins, D. Ottley, J. Ottley, S. Cheeseman, G. Nicholson,

  1. Jay, M.Jay, E. Stevens, B. Rollings, P. Rollings, T. Briggs, C. Robertson, S. Maloney, L. Roast,
  2. Klecha, K. Bacon, K. Craft, A. Craft, T. Gudge, A. Gudge.

Apologies: C. Cheeseman, K. Walsh


Matters Arising:

Photos have been taken of trees behind substation, awaiting a response from the Council. Electric Company to work on the substation, but are reporting unsafe working conditions, hope this will help our case.  Water turned on – both sites.

Dates for selling our produce at Smiths Garden Centre: 14.06.15 and 06.09.15.  This will raise money for our Society. Donations of spare fruit/veg (not plants) for these dates would be appreciated.

No further news on the date of the next ATA meeting.

Rosedale Road Report:

All plots let. Hopefully, the steel door for the shed should be fitted by the next meeting. Photographs have been taken of all machinery. Need to check with Insurance Company if we have sufficient cover.  The small rotavator has been fixed at a cost of £72. This amount came from the money obtained from scrap metal. Pallets are available for members to take e.g. to build compost bins. Warning: take care not to put the wrong stroke petrol into your machinery (mistakes could be costly) Leave filling of site machinery to Keith and Alan. Shed roof fixed.

Bull Meadow Report:

Lock on the bar gate vandalised. New one purchased. Make sure it is put on the small gate side of the latch – to make it more secure.

Treasurer’s  Report: Raffle raised £23 (thanks Sheila) Bal: £3846.24 Gro-Organic now available £6 per bag (see Keith, Alan or Clive on site)


Two large flocks of parakeets have been seen in Thurrock. Be aware that they will destroy brassicas. Keep your eyes open for them on site.

If anyone has taken bags of manure from Stifford Road, could you please return the empty bags.

Any spare main crop seed potatoes/veg.plants would be appreciated by Treetops School. Contact Angela Gudge. (Phone number from Chris)

BBQ  Saturday 20th June 2015 from 5p.m. to celebrate our 20 year anniversary. Open to members and their small children.  The cost of a hog roast is to be investigated.

This year’s outing:  Another visit to Canterbury Food & Drink Festival was suggested. Has anyone any other ideas or preferences?  Please let me know via e-mail.


Veggie Talk: plant leeks 1ft apart in rich soil, watch for leek moth July and August. Can cover with fleece for protection. Jersey Royals are the same as International Kidney potatoes.



Veggie Comp October: 1 heaviest leek, 1 finest leek( with roots).