Meeting May 2015

May 2015



Meeting 8th May 2015.



C.Collins, A. Collins, L. Dartnell, G. Nicholson, E. Stevens, D. Smith, S. Cheeseman, A. Klecha, K. Walsh, L. Smith, K. Bacon, T. Briggs, B. Rollings.


  1. Cheeseman, M. Jay, P. Jay.


Matters Arising:

Insurance Company still has to be contacted regarding adequate cover for machinery.

The DEFINITE date for the BBQ is 13th June – invitations will be sent out. Apologies for the mix up.

Reminder: 1st selling date for Smith’s Garden Centre is Sunday 14th June – donations of crops appreciated for that day. Hogg roast for bbq would be too expensive.  No news yet of date of ATA meeting. Still waiting to hear about trees both sides of Rosedale Site.

Outing this year will be another trip to the Canterbury Food & Drink Festival on Saturday 26th September. Please e-mail me your names and how many seats a.s.a.p. Should be around the same price as last year (£12) To be confirmed. Cash will be needed when coach is booked. Thank you


Rosedale Road Report:

Steel door not yet fixed. More scrap metal to be taken to dealers. Last plot let is looking good – well done Lee. Manure on site, chippings needed main entrance.  Fish pond has been completed – well done Alan for the bricklaying and Clive and Keith for their help. A water lily has been obtained.

Bulbs to be lifted from the Boscombe end. Comfrey is available from here for use as a fertiliser- help yourself before it is cut down. Put leaves into a container – no water. Council have taken rubbish from outside the Boscombe entrance and have inspected the wall by the end house. Tony has weeded the pyracantha at this end – thank you Tony.


Bull Meadow Report:

The gate is still being left open. Les to investigate. One plot under-planted. If any member from Bull Meadow wants pallets please see Les or Andrew.


Treasurer’s Report

Raffle raised £19.50 – thanks to Sheila. Balance £3794.82.



Site Inspections will be held in June to be sure that plots are being cultivated, kept clean and weed free as per your agreement with us and ours with the Council. Please note that inspections are ongoing and it is not enough just to have your plot ship shape in June. It is not fair to other plot holders if your weeds are seeding all over their plots. You risk not having your agreement renewed if plots are not cultivated. Please let us know if you are having problems, to make us aware. (Also prize for most improved)

If anyone is interested in the large white caged water butts, see Keith.


Veggie Talk.

You can register with Blight Watch for e-mails when blight is in our area. Suttons are selling 100% blight free tomato plants “Crimson Crush” 3 for £7.99 Alan and Keith have some – so watch this space. Be careful when making your own natural pesticides as they can be as dangerous as the shop bought.  T. Briggs has a RHS book on pruning if anyone would like to see it.

Best to use tap water for germinating seeds and J.I. Seed Compost if possible. Mint grown in pots needs thinning our every 2-3 years. Look out for Spanish slugs – 3 times bigger than ours (yukkh!) and resistant to pellets. Get your leeks growing for the competition in October.  Time to plant tomato and sweetcorn seeds if you have not already done so.


Next Meeting: Friday 12th June 8 p.m. Tyrells Hall Club.  All members welcome.