Meeting February 2012

February 2012


 Meeting 10th February 2012.


Pres: A. Collins, C. Collins, L. Dartnell, C. Robertson, A. Klecha, A. Clear, M. Kennedy, S. Cheeseman, C. Cheeseman, K. Bacon, L. Roast, M. Roast.


Matters Arising:

Andrew has a contact number regarding repair of the generator.  After disputing the water bill for Bull Meadow, we are now owed £67 by them. Our thanks go to Andrew for his hard work.

Work parties arranged for 12th February have been cancelled owing to the weather. They have been re-scheduled for Sunday 26th February. 10a.m. – 12 noon. YOUR HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED.  Pyracanthas need to be pruned on Rosdale Site.

Andrew has looked at the dangerous tree, and will contact the owners. The oak tree is still to be looked at.



No Manure, no chipping at main gate.  There are 21 Names on our waiting list



Plot numbers have been erected. New tap needed, there may be a spare at Rosedale Site.

The padlock on the bar gate in Rookery Lane is broken. The council are sending someone to replace it.



Raffle raised £10. Balance £3142.31. £50 still needs to be paid to Tyrrels Hall –  donation for use of the room.

The delivery of Gro-organic was cancelled this week. It will now be delivered on Tuesday 14th February.

Order have been placed for 25 bags. Anyone else interested e-mail Chris Collins

Orders have been placed for 5 rolls green netting, this is not enough as we have to order 10 rolls. Again anyone interested, e-mail Chris Collins.



The ground is sinking at the entrance to Rosedale, causing some cars difficulty. Estimate for concreting professionally = £1,160. More quotes to be obtained, including D.I.Y. alternatives. Any possibility of a grant?


VEGGIE TALK: Apparently, parsnips do not like tap water. It is possible to re-plant potatoes left from last season, but they are not guaranteed disease free. For large potatoes, leave 1 – 2 chits on, for smaller ones leave more chits. Broad beans hit by the frost should recover.


NEXT MEETING: FRIDAY 9TH MARCH 8p.m. Tyrells Hall. All welcome.